Ribbon Ideas

Ribbon is very versatile. It has so many different and unique uses. Some may use it to put a bow in their daughter's hair, while others may use it to hang pictures in their home. Whatever the use is, all will agree, it adds that little "extra" to everything!

This page is dedicated to the many wonderful things that can be done, made or created with ribbon. Check back often for new ideas and please feel free to submit some of your own. We have been selling ribbon for a long, long time, but will be the first to admit that people surprise us everyday with their uses for ribbon! Email us at ideas@ampelco.com with yours!



  • Bows - Bows can be as simple as a knot or as elaborate as 16-loop bow with 12 different ribbons. Regardless of what you choose, the basic concept is the same, bows make things look more beautiful!
  • Wreaths - holiday and everyday
  • Trees - tree skirts, toppers, bows, ornaments
  • Weddings and Parties- centerpieces, party favors, decorations, napkin rings, programs, pew bows, guest books, Floral Arrangements
  • Topiaries - accents
  • Scrapbooking - borders, bows, shapes
  • Flowers - roses, petals, and more
  • Stationery- cards, notepads, invitations
  • Clothing - string ties, borders, seams
  • Drapery - tie backs or sewn on drapery