1. Sumertime

    Wait a minute….when did it become the middle of June?  Is the summer flying by for anyone else?  We can’t believe the Summer Shows are right around the corner.  What happened to those lazy days of summer when we were kids? 

     Here at the office, we are busy putting finishing touches on our displays and getting ready to ship everything to the shows (who am I kidding, the warehouse guys are doing that, I am in the nice, cool office!). The point is it is getting done!

     Did you know we have a new supplement to pass out at the shows?  It contains all of our newest ribbons for 2011, great spring and holiday choices.  It also has our new Burlap ribbon.  Yes, we now have Wire Edge Burlap in 6 colors and 3 widths!

     We are so excited to see everyone at the shows this summer.  In Atlanta, we will be in Showroom 18-

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  2. Christmas in Summer

    Around here we rarely live in the now.  We are always planning ahead and working at least a season ahead.  So right now, all we can think about is Halloween and Christmas!  We have some wonderful new Halloween and Christmas ribbons this year.

    Like our fun new Witches Head ribbon or our Worldly Merry Christmas Ribbon

     There are so many, you have to see for yourself! All our newest ribbons can be found under our “New Items” section of the website.

    What’s your favorite? Please let us know!

    And don't forget to order our new buckles.  They come in a variety of sizes and add an elegant touch to a napkin, bouquet, package or invitation.

    Let us know if you would like a sample of anything!

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  3. Spring

    Happy Spring to you!  Although the weather in Chicago doesn't reflect it, the calendar says it is Spring so time to order all those beautiful and fun spring plaids, prints and dots!

    Did you know we have over 10,000 different ribbons! 

    We also have NO Minimum Order and ship within a day.

    Are you signed up to receive our emails and special offers and discounts?  If not, please click on the link below and you can be sure you don't miss anything!

    Ampelco Ribbon Special Offers

    Our customer service is one of the best groups of people around so if you ever need anything, give them a call at 800-78-05830 and they will happily help!

    Happy Spring!

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  4. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to you!

     We have been so busy with all the tradeshows!  2013 is definitely starting out to be a wonderful year! We hope you are finding the same thing to be true.

     We are beginning to put our new holiday ribbons on the site so be sure to check in a few weeks to see our new Fall and Holiday ribbons.  We also have a few new Spring ribbons thrown in to show you!

    We wish all of you a wonderful, happy and successful 2013! 

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  5. Fall is Here

    I know fall doesn't officially begin for a few more days, but today in Chicago is definitely a fall day. The weather makes us think of pumpkins, apples and corn mazes.  It also makes us think of Fall and Halloween ribbon. Do you have yours? We still have plenty in stock so it's not to late!

    We especially love our Deko Mesh for this time of year.  It reminds us of corn husks and spider webs.  It is a great, inexpensive way to dress up your shop, make wreaths or add some fluff to displays. It is also a great ribbon to sell in your store. Even the novice crafter will have no problem working with this fun and easy to use ribbon! So be sure to get your orders in today, the Deko Mesh won't last long!

    Deko Mesh

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  6. Interesting Crafts

    The July Atlanta show is over for another year and as always is was great to see all of our wonderful customers and meet so many new ones! We truly love our customers and always enjoy catching up with them and finding out how they love to use Ampelco Ribbon!

    We took a couple of pictures from the showroom that we wanted to share with you. Just a cute idea to pass along to your customers! Enjoy!



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  7. Stationery



    Another year of the National Stationery Show has passed and for Ampelco Ribbon Company, the show was a success! We met lots of wonderful new business owners and caught up with lots of our faithful followers! We love meeting everyone and seeing all of the creative ideas they have which use ribbon.  This show really brings our the creativiness in people and that's why we love it.  We saw a lot of wonderful things this year and, as it seems we do every year, we have been awestruck and what you are all doing with invitations, cards and packaging!

    We hope the show was a success for everyone! We are going to take some of the ideas we got and put them to use! Look in future entries to find out what we learned!!

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  8. May Day

    Happy May Day to you!  What do you think of when you hear May Day? Two things come to mind for me, flowers and ribbon! My grandmother used to hang bouquets of flowers wrapped in beautiful ribbon on the door knobs of all her neighbors.  And when I was little, we used to make Maypoles out of yards of beautiful and colorful ribbon and then we would dance around and watch the ribbon wrap around the pole.


    Have you ever made a Maypole? Why not make your own this month.  Simply get a pole (a stick or even a dowel rod would do) and attach a variety of colorful ribbons (we can help with that!)  to the top of it with hot glue or even tape!  Then twirl around it and see the beautiful colors the variety of ribbons make!!


    Also when I think of May, I think of the National Stationery

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  9. Questions?

    Did you know we have over 9,000 different ribbons in our warehouse?

    Did you know we warehouse and ship everything out of the Chicago Area?

    Did you know we ship orders the same or next day?

    Did you know we have a showroom in Atlanta?

    Did you know we are a family owned and run company?

    Did you know we send up to five samples at no charge?

    Did you know you can send us samples and we will do our best to match?

    Did you know we custom print on ribbon?

    Did you know we have NO MINIMUM ORDER?

    Did you know we can make consumer rolls of our ribbon with your company information on the sides?

    Did you know we can make custom ribbon in quantity?

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  10. Happy Holidays

    We here at Ampelco Ribbon Company wish all of you a safe and Happy Holiday!


    2011 has been a great year here at Ampelco with the launch of this website and meeting many wonderful customers like you at all the trade shows.


    We wish all of you a prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing you in Atlanta, New York and/or Chicago in January.



    January 11-18, Ste 18-D-13, Building 1



    January 21-24, Merchandise Mart, 8th Floor, Booth 4085


    New York:

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