Wait a minute….when did it become the middle of June?  Is the summer flying by for anyone else?  We can’t believe the Summer Shows are right around the corner.  What happened to those lazy days of summer when we were kids? 

 Here at the office, we are busy putting finishing touches on our displays and getting ready to ship everything to the shows (who am I kidding, the warehouse guys are doing that, I am in the nice, cool office!). The point is it is getting done!

 Did you know we have a new supplement to pass out at the shows?  It contains all of our newest ribbons for 2011, great spring and holiday choices.  It also has our new Burlap ribbon.  Yes, we now have Wire Edge Burlap in 6 colors and 3 widths!

 We are so excited to see everyone at the shows this summer.  In Atlanta, we will be in Showroom 18-D-13 in Bldg. 1, in Chicago we will be in booth 8-1050 and in New York, we will be in Booth 7226.  We will have lots of promotions and specials so be sure to find us!